Signs Your Home Needs New Insulation for a Greener Tomorrow

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Signs Your Home Needs New Insulation for a Greener Tomorrow

Is your home unknowingly contributing to environmental problems? For some homeowners, their home’s carbon footprint is a lot greater than they realized. HD Horne is here to help!


Here are some quick signs to watch out for and how proper insulation can help:

  1. High Energy Bills: Notice your energy bills creeping up? Poor insulation can make your heating and cooling systems work overtime, spiking your carbon footprint and bills.
  2. Temperature Trouble: Uneven room temperatures? Inconsistent insulation can make some rooms too hot in summer and too cold in winter, increasing your energy use.
  3. Drafts and Leaks: Drafty windows and doors? These are signs of energy leaks, which proper insulation can seal up, saving energy and money.
  4. Roof Problems: Ice dams and snowmelt on your roof can signal insulation issues, causing damage and energy loss. Adequate attic insulation can prevent this.
  5. Reduce Emissions: Worried about your carbon footprint? Improve insulation to lower energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


  1. Here’s why home insulation matters: Energy Efficiency: Good insulation (including spray foam insulation) keeps your home comfortable and reduces the need for constant heating or cooling, saving energy and the environment.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: Insulation ensures a cozier living space all year round, for a much cozier and more pleasant home.
  3. Lower Bills: Investing in insulation saves money on energy bills; it’s an innovative, financial, and eco-friendly choice.
  4. Environmental Responsibility: Taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint through insulation shows your commitment to a sustainable future.

In short, don’t ignore the signs of an increasing carbon footprint in your home. Insulation upgrades are an easy way to make a big difference for your wallet and the environment.

Give HD Horne a call today so we can discuss your insulation needs on Vancouver Island! If you’re curious about insulation rebates, we can answer those questions, too.

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